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Molded Case General Electric Circuit Breakers


Spectra RMS Molded Case Circuit Breakers
SE150, SF250, SG600, and SK1200 GE circuit breaker frames have a digital, solid-state, rms sensing trip system with field installable, front-mounted rating plugs to establish or change the breaker ampere rating. Adjustable instantaneous with tracking short-time is standard on all frames including SE150. The trip system uses digital sampling to determine the rms value of sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal currents.

MicroVersaTrip Plus Trip Units or MicroVersaTrip PM Trip Units
SG600 and SK1200 are optionally available with either MicroVersaTrip Plus or MicroVersaTrip PM trip units which offer expanded functionality in the same space-saving size of standard Spectra RMS breakers. The trip system uses digital sampling to determine the rms value of sinusoidal and nonsinusoidal currents.

MicroVersaTrip Plus Trip Units
MicroVersaTrip Plus trip units utilize a digital, LCD display with a four-button keypad to provide local set-up and readout of trip settings. A 3-phase ammeter and trip indicators are standard, as is a clear plastic cover with provisions for sealing to allow tamperresistant installation. The trip unit digitally measures the current waveform in each phase to determine the true rms value of the current, regardless of the waveshape.

MicroVersaTrip Plus trip units provide accurate, predictable overload and short-circuit protection for distribution systems that include ac and dc variable speed drives, rectifiers, induction heating, and other loads that cause high harmonic distortion as well as standard circuit. They provide maximum breaker-to-breaker selectivity and custom load protection. Short-time and ground fault functions include the flexibility of coordination with or without an I2t ramp.

MicroVersaTrip PM Trip Unit
The MicroVersaTrip PM trip unit adds power management system capability, advanced metering, and protective relays to the basic functions of the MicroVersaTrip Plus trip unit. The MicroVersaTrip PM trip unit communicates directly on the GE POWER LEADER communication bus.

A complete circuit breaker consists of a UL listed circuit breaker frame and a rating plug (UL listed interchangeable trip unit).
Terminal lugs for cable connection are available if required.

  • All frames use the same UL listed, field-installable internal accessories (auxiliary switch, shunt trip, undervoltage release and bell alarm).
  • All frame sizes have maximum UL listed interrupting ratings of 200 kA @ 240 Vac and 100 kA @ 480 Vac with 600 Vac ratings to 65 kA depending on frame size. UL listed current limiting versions are provided through the SG600 frame for the 65 kA @ 480 Vac and the 100 kA @ 480 Vac models, with no increase in physical frame size.
  • Spectra RMS Mag-Break instantaneous-only motor circuit protectors also use the same digital, solid-state trip unit and rating plugs as the circuit breakers. The interchangeable rating plug establishes the instantaneous pickup range (with tracking short-time) but does not change the frame ampere rating.
  • Spectra RMS molded case switches have a fixed, high-set instantaneous trip (without tracking short-time function) and have short-circuit withstand ratings equal to their equivalent breaker frame size interrupting rating in most cases.
  • Spectra RMS breakers are ambient insensitive. Trip times will not vary over the range 10-50°C breaker ambient.
  • Spectra RMS breakers contain no parts that would support fungus growth and are, therefore, inherently fungusproof.

Circuit Breaker Enclosures

  • NEMA Type 1 Enclosures
  • NEMA Type 3R Enclosures
  • NEMA Type 12 Enclosures
  • NEMA Type 4/4X Enclosures
  • Hubs and Other Accessories

Power Break Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

In 1965 GE pioneered the design of insulated case circuit breakers when it introduced the original Power Break circuit breaker. Power Break I offered rugged system protection for heavy-duty applications in a reliable, cost-effective insulated case. Power Break I can still be equipped with either a dual magnetic trip for dc applications or the latest in electronic trip protection for ac system protection and monitoring. When GE introduced Power Break II, the original benchmark for performance and reliability was dramatically improved for ac systems, while maintaining the original insulated case circuit breaker features in a contemporary, compact physical envelope.

Today, GE continues to offer both lines of breakers to cover the range of ac and dc power system protection and control needs as well as the continuing needs of the systems originally designed around these capable circuit breakers.

Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers

GE WavePro Power Circuit Breakers
WavePro circuit breakers are the newest generation of GE low voltage power circuit breakers. WavePro builds on the experience of the AKR breaker line to bring new convenience and safety features while retaining the robustness of GE’s long-standing power circuit breaker products. WavePro breakers are ANSI designed and carry the UL label. They are designed to withstand short circuit stresses equal to their short time interrupting ratings. This means that maximum selectivity with downstream devices can be attained because instantaneous trips are not required to achieve the breaker’s short circuit rating. This attests to the ruggedness of the WavePro design and places it ahead of insulated case breakers and other maker’s power circuit breakers in many critical applications. WavePro breakers can be applied on power systems from 208 to 600 volts and have current ratings of 800 through 5000 amperes. Short circuit interrupting ratings for WavePro breakers range from 30kA to 200kA rms symmetrical.

Three Choices of Advanced, Sold-State Trip Units
For basic functionality, the Power+ trip unit gives you straightforward means of providing overload and short circuit protection on a WavePro circuit breaker. Tripping characteristics are easily adjusted by simple-to-use rotary switches. The trip unit is upgradeable to ground fault by simply inserting a ground fault rating plug. An optional target module allows for target monitoring and also functions as a trip unit health indicator. Enhanced MicroVersaTrip Plus and MicroVersa PM trip units give you two ways to monitor and control the WavePro breaker with unprecedented ease. A simple keypad lets you program and display a variety of functions including tripping characteristics, remote communications, status information and protective relaying, and allows integration with GE POWER LEADER Power Management Systems. The trip unit display also allows viewing of many standard metering parameters as well as pickup alarms, trip target indications and fault status information.

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