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GE DS303 contactors are used for heavy-duty DC industrial applications such as metal mills, cranes, material handling and rapid transit. These GE contactors are also widely found in general duty machine tool and textile applications. NEMA sizes 1-5 are available in various normally open and normally closed pole combinations. Sizes 6-10 are available in the normally open pole configuration only.

General duty and mill-duty GE IC2800 contactors are used for general DC industrial control such as machine tools and textile machinery. The mill-duty GE contactors are made for cranes, metal-rolling mills and other heavy-duty applications.

GE IC2800B310 special purpose contactors are used where the time-delay opening of power circuits, such as DC motor loads and resistor loads are required. They must be normally open to operate as time delay. The normally closed contactors, IC2800A501, IC2800Y109 and IC2800Y110 are normally closed, without blowouts, and are not designed to interrupt power, but to short-out resistance steps in starting DC motors.

GE IC2812B107 and IC2812B207 motor field contactors are the heavy-duty, clapper-type design for industrial use. These fast-acting GE contactors are designed specifically for synchronous motor applications. They have two normally open poles for applying and removing field excitation and one normally closed pole for inserting resistance in the field for discharge.

GE IC2812B307, IC2800B407 and IC2800B507 field controllers are for the application and removal of DC power from an exciter or generator field circuit.

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