GE Transformers
Industrial Systems – Distribution

General Purpose Transformers in Enclosures

The complete family of transformers from GE provide quiet, reliable transformer operation.

All of the dry-type transformers through 1,000 kVA are UL listed under the requirements of Standard 506 and 1561. In addition, each transformer meets the requirements of NEMA ST-20, 1992. Type QB, QMS, and QMS 3 models are C-UL listed.

General-purpose transformers are rated 600 Volts and below for supplying appliance, lighting, and power loads from electrical distribution systems. Standard distribution voltages are 600, 480, and 240 Volts; standard load voltages are 480, 240, 208, and 120 Volts. The transformer is used to obtain the load voltage from the distribution voltage. Since no vaults are required for installation, these transformers can be located right at the load to provide the correct voltage for the application. This eliminates the need for long, costly, low-voltage feeders.

Isolated: Types QB, QMS, QMS 3 and QL
Isolated, General Purpose, Single-Phase (9T51, 9T21, 9T23)
Isolated, General Purpose, Three-Phase (9T21, 9T23, 9T30, 9T35)
Isolated, CE Rated (9T51)
Accessories, Type QL
Case Parts, Type QL

Energy Saver
Isolated, High- Efficiency TP1 (9T83)

Isolated, Drive Isolation, Three-Phase (9T21, 9T23)
Isolated, K-Factor Rated for Nonlinear Loads, Three-Phase (9T23, 9T34)
Isolated, Low Temperature Rise, Single-Phase (9T23, 9T30, 9T35)
Isolated, Low Temperature Rise, Three-Phase (9T23)
Isolated, Low Noise, Three-Phase (9T23)
Isolated, Midtapped, Three-Phase (9T23, 9T30)
Isolated, TENV – Totally Enclosed Nonventilated, Three-Phase (9T23)

Power Conditioning Equipment
Isolated, Noise Isolation – Guard I, Single-Phase (9T51, 9T21)
Isolated, Noise Isolation – Guard I, Three-Phase (9T23, 9T30)
Isolated, Noise Isolation – Guard II, Three-Phase (9T23)

Integral Transformer and Distribution Center
Isolated, Servicenter Mini-Unit Substations, Single- and Three-Phase (9T21, 9T23)

Dry Type
Isolated, High Voltage, Single-Phase (9T25)
Isolated, High Voltage, Three-Phase (9T25)
Autotransformers, For Bucking and Boosting Voltage (9T21, 9T51)

Open Core and Coil Transformers

Machine Tool and Control Power
Machine Tool Applications, Single-Phase (9T58)
Control, Single-Phase (9T58)

Distribution Transformers – Medium and High Voltage

Secondary Substation – SST
GE-PROLEC* Secondary Substation Transformers will meet all of your industrial applications for power distribution. These transformers have a robust construction and are designed with the capability to coordinate with a wide diversity of equipment such as switchboards, LIS, MCCs, etc.

Three-phase Padmounted – PADS
When power distribution is needed, the GE-PROLEC* Compad Three-Phase Padmount Transformer can meet all of your distribution needs. Packaged in a neat, clean, modern style olive-green color for a pleasing appearance, the Compad Distribution transformer can provide power to any distribution application while offering the safety advantages of tamper and weather resistant construction.

Single-Phase Pole-Mounted – POLES
– Transformers are Conventional Single-Phase Pole Type, Oil Filled 65°C Rise, 60 Hz, 2 High Voltage bushings meeting all applicable ANSI/IEEE and NEMA Standards.
– Transformers with primary voltage 4800 or less, have sidemounted high voltage bushings.
– Transformers with 277 secondary voltage have only 2 low voltage bushings.

Network Transformers
When the highest degree of service continuity is the Critical to Quality requirement the a-c secondary network system is the system to use. GE Network Transformers are also applied in some underground systems other than networks where superior sealing and corrosion protection are of primary importance. These non-network applications also include intertie (step) transformers for interconnecting two different voltage systems (300-3000 kVA, 60-200BIL high voltage, 60-95BIL low voltage). 208Y/120 volt secondaries are also available.

Voltage Regulators VR-1
Variation of voltage can have detrimental effects on Utilities and their customers. To prevent customer complaints, loss of revenue due to sub-normal voltage, and increased costs due to higher line losses, GE has designed the VR-1 Voltage Regulator with the utilities in mind. With over 40 years of experience, GE has designed the most reliable regulator ever assembled.

Bushing Potential Devices
The General Electric Type KA-108 Bushing Potential Device is a voltage transforming device for the operation of instruments and relays from high-voltage circuits, 115 kV and above designed with optimal safety, reliability and savings in mind.

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