DS303 Heavy-duty (sizes 1-7) & IC2800 Mill-duty (sizes 8-10) IC2800 General Purpose IC2800B310, IC2800A501, IC2800Y109 & IC2800Y110 Time Delay IC2812B107 & IC2812B207 Motor Field Contactors IC2812B307, IC2812B407 & IC2812B507 Exciter/ Generator Field Controllers


The GE contactor DS303 & IC2800 are used for heavy duty dc industrial applications such as steel mills, cranes, material handling, rapid transit as well as generalduty machine tool, textile machinery and similar applications. Both GE contactor DS303 & IC2800 have a steel base insulated from the electrical circuits. They can be mounted on either metal or insulating panels.

NEMA Size 1-5 are available in various NO and NC pole combinations. Sizes 6-10 available in NO pole only.

Advanced design arc chutes (non-asbestos) provide make or interrupt ratings of up to ten times the contactor ratings for 600-volt applications and four times the contactor ratings for 1000-volt applications. The arc is completely extinguished within the arc chute structure.

Select-contactor ratings on the basis of both dc current-carrying capacity and blowout ratings. The blowout rating establishes the contactor current rating and interrupting rating. Larger contactors are used because the increased tip gap provides improved interruption on the lower current application.

The function of the blowout coil is to move the arc upward at the same time the contacts are opening, thus forcing the arc away from the tips and into the arc chute at a faster rate.

For more information on these contactors, please click here, to view pages 2 through 9 in section 5 of the GE Industrial Control Rainbow Catalog for application information, dimensions, outline drawings and how to order.

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