GE Enclosures
GE Industrial Systems – General Purpose Control

An enclosure is a case or cabinet designed to protect:
(a) Personnel against accidental contact with the enclosed electrical control and
(b) Internal control against specified external conditions such as dust, sleet, rain, lint, coolant and oil.
The following listed enclosures are those most commonly used with general-purpose controls.

  • Enclosure Types
    for Non-hazardous Locations
    Type 1 General-Purpose—Indoor
    Type 3 Dust-tight, Raintight and Sleet- (Ice-) Resistant—Outdoor
    Type 3R Rainproof and Sleet- (Ice-) Resistant—Outdoor
    Type 4 Watertight and Dust-Tight—Indoor and Outdoor
    Type 4X Watertight, Dust-Tight and Corrosion-Resistant—Indoor and Outdoor
    Type 6P Submersible
    Type 12 Industrial Use Dust-Tight and Drip-Tight —Indoor Non-ventilated Enclosures
    Ventilated Enclosures
    Type 13 Oil-Tight and Dust-Tight—Indoor
  • for Hazardous Locations
    Type 7 Class I, Group A, B, C or D—Indoor Hazardous Locations— Airbreak Equipment
    Type 9 Class II, Group E, F or G—Indoor Hazardous Locations— Airbreak Equipment
  • Storage of Control Equipment
  • IEC Enclosure Protection
    Degree of protection of the Electrical Equipment up to 1000 Vac and 1500 Vdc
  • Vynckier Non-metallic Enclosures
    Part of the GE Power Controls Group, Vynckier n.v. is the world’s leading manufacturer of non-metallic enclosures.
    APO Series
    VJ Series

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