GE Industrial Control Components IC9516 AC Spring-set Shoe Brakes

Where to use

IC9516 brakes are spring-set, electrically released brakes operated by solenoids in the smaller sizes and Thrustor Plust mechanisms in the larger sizes. They provide reliable low-cost operation on varied applications throughout industry. They are used on cranes, bridges, turn-tables, conveyors, machine tools, elevators, printing presses, hoists, locks and dams, overhead doors, and deck machinery. GE IC9516 brakes, either Thrustor or solenoid operated, are springset, two-shoe brakes. They are electrically released by a solenoid in the smaller sizes and by a Thrustor mechanism in the larger ratings.

Easily adjustable braking torque, down to 50% rating, is incorporated in the sturdy, simple construction of these brakes.

High-inertia loads offer ideal applications for the Thrustor Plus-operated brake. Its ability to apply and remove braking pressure smoothly makes it highly desirable for application in cranes, hoists, and elevators.

Speed of operation of the Thrustor Plus mechanism—both setting and releasing— can be independently adjusted to enable stored energy of the load to be dissipated before brake pressure is applied.


1. Durable linkage isolates shock of solenoid
from brake for longer life.
2. Only 3 simple adjustments:
A. Shoe clearance
B. Solenoid or Thrustor mechanism gap
C. Brake torque
3. Long solenoid life is provided because spring is designed for low build-up characteristics.
4. To help protect and maintain full-load on solenoid, lever ratio is adjustable for required torque range.
5. Large diameter pins permit correct alignment and provide liberal bearing surfaces
6. Non-asbestos linings.
7. Special non-scoring rivets securely hold easily replaceable lining.
8. Connections are better protected by conduit box.
9. Rapid cooling provided because shoes cover only half the wheel.
10. Sturdy, rigid base construction is provided for both type brakes.
11. Yoke pins near center line of wheel afford even lining wear.
12. Thrustor mechanism provides a cushion when releasing and setting the brake, thereby preventing stresses from being transmitted to the driven machinery during starts and stops.
13. Adjustable time-delay settings are provided on Thrustor plus brakes.

For more information on these brakes, please click here, to view pages 9 through 15 in section 1 of the GE Industrial Control Rainbow Catalog for application information, dimensions, outline drawings and how to order.

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