GE Industrial Control Components IC9528 DC Spring-set Shoe Brakes

AISE and NEMA Rated—IC9528

600 Volts Max

Where to use

Use as holding, stopping, or retarding brake on cranes, hoists, conveyors, movable bridges, rolling-mill drives and other machinery. The brake responds quickly to prevent the load from drifting or coasting after power is cut off.

The IC9528 brake is a two-shoe, spring-set brake operating on a wheel mounted on the shaft of a motor or other machinery. When energized, a dc magnet picks up against spring pressure to effect release. When deenergized, the magnet drops out and the brake is set by the operating spring. The IC9528 brakes now incorporate non-asbestos brake linings.

IC9528 brakes meet AISE and NEMA standards for shoe brakes. They are designed for use in a 40 C ambient.

The C and E forms provide for additional torque capacity through increased lining area.


1. Single-end Adjustment
Simple agjustment for (A) lining wear, and (B) torque setting.
2. Enclosed Terminal Box
Totally enclosed conduit box for terminating coil leads.
3. Epoxy-encapsulated Coils
Dirt, moisture, and oil are sealed out.
4. Manual-release Mechanism
Permits removal of wheel or replacing brake linings without adjustment of torque setting.
5. Armature-gap Indicator
Clearly visible indicator shows when to adjust for lining wear.
6. High-Strength Ductile-iron Wheel
Material chosen for high tensile strength and wear-resistant qualities. Wheel is removable vertically to speed motor servicing. By simply pivoting the tie rod on the 30-inch brake, the wheel can be removed vertically.
7. Non Asbestos Bonded Lining
No need to remove shoe assembly to replace lining. Simply utilize manual-release mechanism, remove lining-retaining bolts and slip lining out with screwdriver. Lining is non asbestos material bonded to steel backing.
8. Self-lubricated Bearings
Self-lubricated bearings with stainless steel pins.
9. Self-cleaning Armature (cut-away)
Cut-away design allows dirt to fall through rather than collect in armature gap.
9A. Self-cleaning Armature (top-pivot)
Top-pivot design allows dirt to fall through rather than collect in armature gap.
10. Shoe-clearance Locking
Positions pivot arm to provide positive shoe clearance.
11. Complete Magnet Interchangeability
The complete magnet housing with its coil is readily interchanged. Can be removed vertically if desired.

For more information on these brakes, please click here, to view pages 2 through 8 in section 1 of the GE Industrial Control Rainbow Catalog for application information, dimensions, outline drawings and how to order.

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