GE relays IC2820A100, IC2820A101 and IC2820A200 are used for general purpose, under-voltage protection, plugging and similar applications. They are available in heavy-duty models for severe service or where more than four circuits are required.

GE relays IC2820A100A and IC2820A100B are used for motor acceleration, sequence interlocking and other applications requiring delayed opening or closing of control circuits.

GE relays IC2820E500 are used for the protection of DC motors and driven machines against suddenly applied high overloads. An instantaneous overload relay is normally used on cranes, hoists, and on other applications in which heavy overloads are encountered.

GE relays IC2820D300 are used to protect DC shunt or compound-wound motors against the loss of field excitation. The coil is connected in series with the motor field. When excitation is lost, the relay drops out and opens the motor line contactor.

GE relays IC2820A102 are fast-acting hand-reset relays designed to interrupt control power of a line contactor on sensing a ground current in the lines to an AC motor load or other AC equipment.

GE IC2820C100 field-applying relays work in conjunction with an auxiliary relay to provide a time delay for closing the field contactor when the proper DC voltage is available to pull the machine into step.

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