IC9445 Lever-operated


General-purpose Enclosure
Meets NEMA standards for Type 1 general purpose enclosure and Type 3 weatherresistant (waterproof). The general-purpose enclosure is intended for industrial applications indoors as well as for general use outdoors.

Watertight Enclosure
Meets NEMA standards for Type 4 watertight enclosure as well as Type 12 dust-tight. The watertight enclosure is suitable for use in wet locations as well as in dusty areas of steel and cement mills.

Bronze Enclosure
Use bronze enclosure on ship docks and other shoreside areas for extra corrosion resistance. Order bronze levers.

Nonoverlapping Circuits
With nonoverlapping circuits, one circuit is opened before another is closed.

Overlapping Circuits
With overlapping circuits, one circuit is opened after another is closed.

Maintained-contact Switches
Switch remains in one position until it is moved to opposite position by the operating dog. Forked levers required.

Switch returns to midposition after tripping dog has pressed over lever.
When used with spring-return, only one of the four circuits (maximum) can be a normally open snap-action contact.

Contacts Actuated Both Directions
Circuit or circuits will have a change in state when switch is activated in either direction.

Standard Universal Contact Blocks
This contact block is the basic construction unit for IC limit switches as well as IC3012 master switches.

Snap-action Contact Blocks
Snap-action contact blocks provide quickmake quick-break contacts for slow-moving applications of 180-fpm maximum. With quick-make quick-break contacts, burning of contact tips resulting from slow movement is eliminated.

Contacts Actuated in One Direction
Circuit or circuits will have a change in state when switch is activated in one direction, but not when activated in the other direction from midpoint.

Normally Open vs Normally Closed Circuits
Contacts can be set in the field for either normally open or normally closed arrangement.

Mixture of Contact Actuations
Contacts arranged so that some are actuated in both directions and others are actuated in one direction.

Slack-cable Applications
A single-pole limit switch used in the control circuit to shut down the drive when a break or slack cable condition results on a crane, hoist, or any application where a cable is wound on a drum (switch can be set for automatic or manual reset). An operating mechanism, provided by hoist builder, operates the switch lever.

Crane-hook Applications
A two-pole limit switch used in the control circuit for limiting upward travel of crane hook. Switch contact is held closed by counterweight suspended along hoist cable. Contacts open when counterweight is lifted by upward travel of crane hook block

For more information on these limit switches, please click here, to view pages 2 through 5 in section 2 of the GE Industrial Control Rainbow Catalog for application information, dimensions, outline drawings and how to order.

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