IEC Switches and Disconnects

GE Disconnect Switches – IEC
GE Industrial Systems – General Purpose Control

GE ML Disconnects & Rotary Cam Switches are a turn for the better because they eliminate all the unnecessary complexity in selection, ordering and application. One line encompasses ML main switches (25A-125A) and undervoltage release emergency-stop switches (25A-50A), plus cam switches (10A-100A), including all the accessories and enclosures you may need for your application.

Within this line, you’ll find GE switches for every need, every kind of mounting, every application. For those truly unique situations, special-order GE cam switches come with virtually any markings and contact configuration that you can imagine.

For the main and undervoltage release emergency-stop switches, one General Electric product number covers the switch, handle and terminal cover. Similarly, for the cam switches, a single GE product number encompasses the switch, handle and frontplate. This makes selection and ordering easier than ever. And, for each GE switch, that one product number is shared by GE Industrial Systems in the Americas and by GE Power Controls in Europe, making these the switches of choice
for equipment destined for import or export.

  • Cam Switches
    On/Off and Main Switches
    Changeover Switches
    Step Switches Without 0-Position
    Star-Delta Switches
    Reversing Switches for Motors
    Multiple Speed Switches
    On Switches
    Voltmeter Selector Switches
    Volt-ammeter Selectors
    Ammeter Selectors
    Group Switches
    Selectors, Ammeter Selectors and Group Switches
    Standard Frontplates
  • ML Disconnect Switches
    Open Main Switches
    Enclosed Switches
    Emergency Stop Switches with Undervoltage Release

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