Lighting Contactors

GE Lighting Contactors
GE Industrial Systems – General Purpose Control

GE lighting contactors are designed for industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications where efficient control is required of tungsten and ballast loads as well as noninductive loads. Numerous modifications are available which add flexibility to customizing the control to the application.

  • CR460, CR463 Series
    Components (CR463)
    Electrically Held, Standard Assembled Forms (CR463L)
    Electrically Held, Modified Assembled Forms (CR463L)
    Mechanically Held, Standard Assembled Forms (CR463M)
    Mechanically Held, Modified Assembled Forms (CR463M)
  • CR360L Series
    Electrically Held, 2-4 Pole, 30-300 Amp (CR360L)
  • CR160 Series
    Mechanically Held, 2-3 Pole, 30-225 Amps (CR160MC)
  • CR160ML Series
    Mechanically Held, 2-3 Pole, 400-1000 Amps (CR360ML)

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