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GE Logic Control
GE Industrial Systems – General Purpose Control

The GE CR420 general purpose plug-in relays are commonly used for low cost switching in many industrial control circuits. Typical applications include industrial equipment, machine tool, HVAC, lighting, vending, commercial appliances, elevators, and spa controls.

These GE relays and sockets are powerful and highly cost effective. Versions are available with AC and DC coils, plug-in or direct flange mounting, and multiple contact configurations.

  • General Purpose Relays
    Plug-in Relays (CR420)
    Plug-in Relays (CR420H and CR420J)
    Plug-in Relays (CR420K and CR420M)
    Plug-in Relays (CR420N)
    General Duty Relays (CR2790)
    Compact Relays (CR120E)

CR2810 relays are multi-circuit AC control relays. They are particularly suited for use on machine-tool panels due to long mechanical life and 600 Volt rating.

  • Industrial/Machine Tool Relays
    AC Operated Relays (CR2810)
    AC Operated, DC Operated, Latched Relays (CR120B)
    AC Operated, DC Operated, Latched Relays (CR120B, CR120BD, CR120BL)
    AC Operated Weld Check Relays (CR120BP)
    Standard Components (CR120B)
    Accessories (CR120B)

GE’s CR120K relays are ideal for materials processing, materials handling, elevator control, metalworking, business machines, and electronic equipment. They can be used whenever coil voltages from 6 to 250 volts ac or dc are required. A molded phenolic case and a tightfitting transparent cover make the CR120K suitable for application where dust and other contaminants exist in the atmosphere.

  • Hi-Fidelity Relays
    Standard Relays and Latching Relays (CR120K)
    Standard Relays and Latching Relays (CR120K and CR120KL)
  • IEC Electronic Timers
    Multivoltage Electronic Timers
  • IEC Protective Relays
    Liquid Level Detector Relays
    Differential Ground Fault Relays
    Control and Protection Relays
  • VersaMax® Nano and Micro Controllers
    Nano PLCs
    Micro PLCs
    Expansion Units
    Analog Expansion Units
    VersaPro Programming Software

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