Resistors / Rheostats


IC9033 GE resistors are wire or ribbon-wound units for use in voltage dropping or synchronous motor field discharge applications. They can be used on any AC or DC power or control circuit. They are corrosion resistant and can be mounted, in various frames and enclosures, on equipment subject to considerable vibration.

IC9141 GE punched-grid resistors consist of stainless-steel grids mounted in boxes suitable for stacking. They can be installed either indoors or with an outdoor enclosure when exposed to the elements. They are designed to withstand the shock and vibration normally associated with cranes and similar machinery.

IC8070 GE rheostat is a resistor provided with a means of varying resistance. The usual application of this product is in field circuits of motors and generators for the control of speed or voltage, or in control circuits

For more information on specific GE power resistors and GE rheostats products, please click on a link below.

IC9033 – Power resistors
IC9133, IC9135, IC9136 – Resistor assemblies
IC9141 – Punched steel grid power resistors
IC8070 – Plate rheostats

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