Surge Suppression

GE Surge Suppressors
GE Industrial Systems – Distribution

Potentially damaging electrical surge can travel through the power lines, as well as coaxial cable and telephone lines into your home. The SurgePro family of products are designed to protect the entire home from damaging electrical surges threatening your costly, sensitive electronic appliances. The Tranquell LE, Tranquell ME and Tranquell HE provide AC power surge protection in Commercial and Industrial applications.

Commercial & Industrial

  • Commercial & Industrial – Tranquell Family TVSS
  • Critical Load Filter – GEF


  • AC Power Surge Protector – GE PLUGIN – SurgePro THQLSurge
  • AC Power Surge Protector – UNIVERSAL – SurgePro
  • Coaxial Surge Protector – SurgePro THSACOAX
  • Telecom Surge Protector – SurgePro THSATEL140

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