GE Switchgear
Industrial Systems – Distribution

AKD-10 Low-Voltage GE Switchgear

GE type AKD-10 low-voltage switchgear is heavy-duty equipment built to ANSI Standards and uses only WavePro low voltage power circuit breakers as circuit protective devices. AKD-10 GE switchgear is designed to have more margin within its ratings and to provide maximum continuity of service for those applications subject to severe duty such as repetitive switching encountered with motor starting, power factor correction, demand control, and load shedding, etc. A major factor contributing to this extended continuity of service is the availability of renewal parts complete with detailed maintenance instructions and original equipment documentation. From a coordination standpoint, WavePro circuit breakers can provide full selectivity with each other and with other protective devices. The bus is thermally rated; i.e. based upon temperature rise, as opposed to switchboards where the bus may be sized on a current density basis.

AKD-10 GE switchgear houses WavePro low voltage power circuit breakers, instrumentation and other auxiliary circuit protective devices. It is available in single or multiple source configurations and applied as a power distribution unit or as part of a unit substation in indoor or outdoor construction.

Available for AKD-10 GE switchgear is the POWER LEADER Power Management System–an integrated electronic system which provides:

  • Overcurrent protection
  • Protective relaying
  • Metering
  • Breaker event reporting
  • Breaker status reporting
  • Communication to host systems

Medium Voltage Switchgear

For medium-voltage applications, POWER/VAC metalclad GE switchgear is available, utilizing POWER/VAC vacuum circuit breakers. POWER/VAC GE switchgear is designed to meet a wide variety of protection and switching applications. All functional units such as incoming line, radial feeders, feeder bypass, bus-tie, bus-entrance and auxiliary units are available to give your system-planning staff a wide range of latitude. These basic functions, plus the versatility of one-high or two-high stacking, afford maximum value for your application dollar.

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