GE Transformers
GE Industrial Systems – General Purpose Control

Type IP GE transformers are core and coil units designed for machine tool, industrial control, panelboard, and general-purpose applications. These GE transformer designs are now welded core and encapsulated to provide the highest quality electrical performance. The transformer coil is completely surrounded by epoxy, making the unit impervious to external elements. The lamination core is welded to provide superior quiet performance.

Several types of terminations are available to simplify installation. These include primary and secondary leads out, integral fuse, and spade-type terminals and our standard which is a touch proof terminal block.

Standards: Type IP units conform to NEMA ST20. They are UL listed under UL-506, File E—2739, and C-UL listed.

Insulation Classes: Generally, 150 VA and below are 105°C insulation class, 55°C rise. 200 VA and above are 185°C (NEMA), 180°C (UL) insulation class, 115°C rise. Maximum surface temperature rise is 65°C above ambient.

Frequency: 60 Hertz is standard; 50 Hertz is available as an option.

Voltage Regulation: All designs 2.0 kVA and below are compensated for voltage drop. Generally, this compensation ranges from 10% in the smallest rating to 3% for the largest. All machine tool designs meet or exceed NMTBA regulation requirements.

Series-Multiple Secondary Connections: Transformers with 120/240 V secondaries (series-multiple) may be connected for 120 V, 240 V or 240/120 V three-wire. Jumpers are provided.

Overcurrent Protection: Type IP transformers are low impedance transformers that require overcurrent protection for most applications. They provide for optional integral primary and/or secondary fusing.

Mounting Dimensions: Type IP transformers are lightweight, small, and designed for minimum mounting dimensions. Many units will fit competitors mounting footprints.

  • Machine Tool
    Machine Tool Applications: Single-Phase (9T58K)
    Control: Single-Phase (9T58K)
  • CE-Rated
  • Dry-Type/Cased
    Isolated, General Purpose, Single-Phase, (9T51B and 9T21B)
    Isolated, CE-Rated (9T51E)

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